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Aurora College is a post-secondary institution located in the Northwest Territories of Canada. Here are some facts about Aurora College:

  1. Aurora College was established in 1995 as the Arctic College and was renamed Aurora College in 2004.
  2. The college has four main campuses located in Fort Smith, Inuvik, Yellowknife, and online.
  3. Aurora College offers programs in a variety of fields, including business, health sciences, trades, and education.
  4. The college is known for its focus on Indigenous education and offers programs and courses that are designed to meet the unique cultural and educational needs of Indigenous peoples in the Northwest Territories.
  5. Aurora College is accredited by the Northwest Territories Department of Education, Culture, and Employment and is a member of the Association of Canadian Community Colleges.
  6. The college has a strong commitment to sustainability and operates a number of green initiatives, including a recycling program, energy-efficient buildings, and a community garden.
  7. Aurora College also offers a range of community-based learning programs and services, including adult basic education, language and cultural programs, and community-based research projects.
  8. The college is actively involved in research and innovation and has partnerships with a number of academic institutions, government agencies, and industry partners.
  9. Aurora College is committed to providing access to higher education for all students and offers a range of financial assistance programs, including scholarships, bursaries, and student loans.
  10. The college has a diverse student body, with students from across the Northwest Territories and around the world, and offers a welcoming and supportive learning environment for all students.
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