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I just have posted what Ivan was departed from the hospital to Severomorsk (a town in a Murmanks region). His agent said it to Ria Sport. But now he also said to Sport-Express that this information is just verified, nothing clear.

Fingers crossed for Ivan. In my own, I will add it seems really manipulated. Every time I think it's impossible, it doesn't make sense, but you live in Russia, baby. Fedotov was arrested by 10 ‘policemen’ like famous Navalny’s friend. He is a still in that sht. And my friend have sent me an Igor Esmantovich (CSKA general manager) quote ‘We didn’t see any Fedotov’s contact with NHL. We’ll see what’s next’ (11th May). I know that CSKA and Esmantovich were angry on Alexsander Radulov, bc he promised to sign a contract with them, but then he come to NHL. I also read that Fedotov promised it too. And now we have this situation…

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